Free Admission


Miller Theater, Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong

26 September 2020, 10 am – 5 pm

Supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Thank you for your interest in the HKAGA Student Masterclass. The event has reached its maximum capacity and is no longer accepting registrations. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!
If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

We are closely monitoring the public health situation and will adhere to government guidelines. Please note that should there be social restrictions on the day of the event, there is a possibility of livestreaming the programme online.

Organised by the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association (HKAGA) and supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, HKAGA Student Masterclass is a 1-day professional development course that aims to bring the future generation closer to understanding the actual workings of the art world in Hong Kong. Through the sessions taught by leading experts from different sectors of the art field including galleries, auction house, non-profits, artists and art criticism, undergraduates studying in art and cultural management programmes will enjoy a holistic appreciation of Hong Kong’s art ecosystem as they develop their careers in the local art scene.

Targeted at students majoring in programmes of art, arts administration, cultural management, new media art, art history and related disciplines, the Masterclass offers exclusive access to prime and up-to-date professional knowledge from our diverse roster of guest speakers.

There will be six panel discussion sessions, each delving into one sector of the art industry with an international outlook and a special focus on Hong Kong. Apart from personal sharing of the work environments in public institutions, non-profits,

commercial art galleries and heritage venues, the discussions will also raise awareness of various curatorial practices within different organisational models such as artist collectives, art fairs, commercial art galleries and private foundations. The last session, which consists of art talent recruiters and experienced professionals in the art field, will help students identify career opportunities within the context of Hong Kong’s arts and culture landscape.


  1. Provide a unique learning opportunity for local art students to understand Hong Kong art ecology and career opportunities
  2. Help create new knowledge-transfer opportunities that are not within university curricula
  3. Explore trending art topics in depth and help students develop new perspectives
  4. Bridge and connect local students with galleries for future career opportunities such as internships
Organiser: Hong Kong Art Gallery Association
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With the Support of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council
HKAGA is grateful for the support of Asia Society Hong Kong Center