Becoming a member

Membership is open to firms established in Hong Kong engaged in the sale of all forms of visual arts and is restricted to those invited and vetted by the Board of Directors. In order to qualify for membership, a gallery will need an established reputation for professionalism among its peers, must make a contribution to the richness of the art community in Hong Kong by offering works of high aesthetic quality and presenting worthwhile exhibitions, and must be willing to proactively contribute to the associations goals.


Member benefits

    • Credibility and prestige conferred by membership of HKAGA and international exposure and promotion through the association network
    • Increased local and international exposure through the association’s local and international network
    • Listings the Association’s website and other media, including gallery descriptions and direct links for collectors to find you
      Invitation to members and collectors to events that advance knowledge and appreciation of art, including the industry and collector Speaker Programmes Series (events may be exclusive to members or open to other participants; members will enjoy free access or discounted fee)
    • Opportunities to actively learn about art market developments and best practices
    • Access to a network of peers who are experienced professionals in the art market
    • Preferential terms/pricing from joint negotiations with service providers


Eligibility criteria

Applications will be evaluated for recommendation by the Membership Committee as established by the Membership Secretary and with the approval from the Board. The recommendation of the Board will be final. The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

        • Integrity of business practice and ethical behaviour
        • Scholarship and expertise in given field of expertise
        • Exhibition history, quality of past and current programmes, artist stable and publications produced
        • Minimum of two years trading as an art gallery and have a permanent exhibition space in Hong Kong

Membership types

        • Founding Member
        • Member (Full voting right)
        • Associated Member (Galleries with fewer than 2 years in operation will enjoy all benefits from the association but no voting rights until they become full Members)


Nomination process

        • Founding members of the Association can nominate new galleries for consideration by writing a letter to the Board. The gallery will need to submit an application that will be evaluated by the Membership Committee based on the eligibility criteria listed above. For further information please send an email to [email protected].