Soluna Fine Art

Obangsaek: Indigo

by Choi Myoung Young, Choi Sun, Jang Young-Sook, Kim Woo Young, Kim Yongchul, Lee Kyouhong, Park Jisook, and Park Yoon-Kyung

Date: 6 February, 2020 | 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Obangsaek: Indigo Date: 6 February – 27 February, 2020 Opening Reception: 6 February 2020, 5-8pm Soluna Fine Art is pleased to present Obangsaek: Indigo, an in-depth exploration of the connections between the colour Indigo and the Korean culture. The gallery will exhibit eight artists from Korea: Choi Myoung Young, Choi Sun, Jang Young-Sook, Kim Woo Young, Kim Yongchul, Lee Kyouhong, Park Jisook, and Park Yoon-Kyung: vary in age, background and medium, the artists apply the colour indigo into their works with different intentions and motives. The exhibition title comes from the traditional Korean colour spectrum (the Five-Orientation-Colour), often seen in folk arts and traditional textile patterns, and represents the Yin-Yang and Five Elements theories. Obangsaek: Indigo starts from ... Read more

A2Z Art Gallery

『Happy City』 a solo exhibition by Tatsuhito Horikoshi

by Tatsuhito Horikoshi

Date: 8 February, 2020 | 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
『Happy City』 “The reason I draw young people is because I am interested in their optimism, purity, and cruelty of ignorance. It's almost as if they are unstoppable superheroes. I am drawing them as role models for a younger me to aspire towards. I admit I am projecting myself onto them.” As a child Horikoshi developed what he called “a beautiful outlook on life”. Whilst this might seem positive, this was a reality that nobody seemed to understand and the fact that he didn’t have anyone to share this emotion with, caused a powerful sense of sorrow resulting in profound introspection, which evidently resonates deep within his subjects. This sensitivity; being able to identify with his true feelings, as young man, who came to terms with being gay, conduced a state of sa... Read more

Axel Vervoordt Gallery

Bosco Sodi

by Bosco Sodi

Date: 13 February, 2020 | 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Bosco Sodi is known for his richly textured, vividly colored large-scale paintings. Sodi’s fresh works created in artist residency program in Hong Kong are presented. Turquoise blue, the bright hues of his native heritage are like mother earth. Focusing on material exploration such as the use of mineral pigments and sawdust and the spiritual connection between the artist and his works, Sodi’s creative process transcend conceptual barriers. Opening brunch: 15 Feb, Saturday  11am-2pm Read more

Contemporary by Angela Li

The Lost Time Travel Machine | Angela Yuen Solo Exhibition

by Angela Yuen

Date: 13 February, 2020 | 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Contemporary by Angela Li is pleased to present The Lost Time Travel Machine, a solo exhibition of Hong Kong artist Angela Yuen. With a long fascination of all things local and nostalgic, Yuen uses manufactured plastic toys, old-fashioned stationeries and Hong Kong’s iconic objects to create playful three-dimensional sculptures and installations, casting colourful shadows which resemble Hong Kong’ magnificent skylines and street scenes. In her latest works, Yuen continues to explore elements that represents Hong Kong’s history and culture, such as ice-cream motorcycle, street vendors, trams, rickshaws, sampan boats and the demolished Queen’s Pier. Like still frames from old Hong Kong movies, her works bring audiences to a parallel dimension, where some of the faded local cultural e... Read more

A2Z Art Gallery

"WE ARE THE _" a solo exhibition by Takashi Hara

by Takashi Hara

Date: 27 February, 2020 | 6:00 am - 8:00 pm
Takashi HARA, b. 1983, Tokyo, Japan Takashi Hara first understudied the prominent artist Koshin Soeda in Japanese calligraphy in Tokyo and later graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts double major in Painting and Ceramics at the University of Regina, Canada and a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics at the Arizona State University in 2015. Having successfully produced a number of exhibitions, commercial projects and artist in residencies internationally he now lives and works in his home City, Tokyo. A2Z Art Gallery held solo exhibitions of the series “Pig Nation – A story of humanity” in Hong Kong and Paris in January 2019. This series uses pig icons as a metaphor, to discuss social matters dear to artist’s heart, through the pig characters abstracted journeys into topical situa... Read more