Contemporary by Angela Li

Wong Sze Wai Solo Exhibition | Stone Stealer

by Wong Sze Wai

Date: 18 November, 2022 | 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Contemporary by Angela Li is proud to present Stone Stealer, solo exhibition of Hong Kong artist Wong Sze Wai. Wong proposes an investigation of the relationship between memory and consciousness, extending beyond the canvas to an intertwined space of the imaginary and the forgotten. Inspired by the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard’s literature La Poétique de l'Espace, Wong guides the audience into a mysterious yet poetical habitat of our inner self. The exhibition opening will be held on Friday, 18th November, 2022 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and will remain on view until 17th December, 2022. The artist will be present during the opening. Wong Sze Wai (b.1990) was born and raised in Hong Kong. She graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2... Read more


Lime & Tangerine in a Wormhole

by Tap Chan

Date: 12 November, 2022 | 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm
MOU PROJECTS is pleased to present "Lime & Tangerine in a Wormhole," Tap Chan's first solo exhibition with the gallery. Featuring 12 newly crafted bodies of work spanning sculptures, installations, and a double-channel video, the exhibition departures from an unfettered, enthralling hypothetical setting of two ordinary fruits inside a wormhole—a surreal, absurd possibility encapsulating Chan's perception and fantasy of a scientifically uncharted world. For Chan, the show's centerpiece Distant Worlds (2022) embraces the understanding and investigation of the notion of parallelism. Comprising an identical pair of irregularly cylindrical stainless-steel objects placed on the floor, the work is based on the embedding diagram of a wormhole, which renders this hypothetical structure as a tu... Read more

Flowers Gallery


Date: 17 November, 2022 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Flowers Gallery is delighted to present new works by Scottish artist Peter Howson, marking his first solo show in Asia. This exhibition of apocalyptic paintings and drawings borrows its name from the Latin phrase from Book 1 of Virgil's Aeneid, Lacrimae Rerum, which translates as 'the tears of things', and addresses themes of crisis, violence, collectivity, technology and its impact on contemporary experience. Throughout his career, Howson has confronted subjects of human conflict and destruction, both in his former role as a war artist in Bosnia in the 1990s and his own personal understanding of the struggles of everyday life. In this new exhibition, Howson investigates these themes in highly detailed works that recall the fantastical dreamscapes of Early Netherlandish paint... Read more

SC Gallery

Ann Ng X Lewis Lau : Once upon a time

Date: 7 November, 2022 | 12:00 am - 11:59 pm
“ Once upon a time “ that’s how most stories began when we listened to tales while we were kids,  as if what happened in the past was the most beautiful. What happens today doesn’t appear to be as beautiful as those happening in the past. Long Long time ago: indeed how long ago? When we were kids, our moms always said: “Yes, it was long long time ago.” When we grow up, we then understand that most things can change within a minute. “Long Long time ago” might mean “split-seconds” ago. What has been beautiful has all faded. Changes are quick and it’s easy to lose: that’s our generation’s common experiences. The Hong Kong that we knew when we were kids has long gone. Although our steps have to follow the momentum of the city and the world to move forward, we have to bear silently the co... Read more

Seefood Room

SERENDIPITOUS SPLENDOUR group exhibition | 8 November - 1 December 2022

by Almendra Bertoni, Amy Crehore, Fred Smith, GUMI, Jason Ho, Jeannie Rhyu, Jeremy Yamamura, Jimmy Lam, Kelani Fatai, Lindsey Lou Howard, Mamus Esiebo, Oh Mankee

Date: 8 November, 2022 | 12:00 am - 11:59 pm
Seefood Room is pleased to present Serendipitous Splendour, a group exhibition featuring the works of Almendra Bertoni, Amy Crehore, Fred Smith, GUMI, Jason Ho, Jeannie Rhyu, Jeremy Yamamura, Jimmy Lam, Kelani Fatai, Lindsey Lou Howard, Mamus Esiebo, and Oh Mankee. The exhibition will begin on 8 November and run until 1 December at 3-4/F Haus of Contemporary at 9 On Lan Street, Central. Amy Crehore, Jeremy Yamamura, and Oh Mankee have settled the longstanding dispute between cat and dog lovers through their adorable works while dynamic duo Almendra Bertoni and Lindsey Lou Howard have poured their respective flairs into their eccentric sculptures as a physical manifestation of their mutual respect and friendship. Through a series of landscapes, still lifes, and portraits, brilliant paint... Read more


A Book Act 1 evite

Gallery: Karin Weber Gallery

Artist(s): David Boyce, Annabell Chan, Chan Sai Lok, Clair Chan, Stacey Chan, Law Man Lok, Michelle Lee, Chino Ng, Tse Chun Sing, Tse Yim On

Opening / Event Date: 3 Dec, 2022

Closing / End Date: 14 Jan, 2023

Nortse – The Golden Earth

Wings (White)

Gallery: Rossi & Rossi

Artist(s): Nortse

Opening / Event Date: 26 Nov, 2022

Closing / End Date: 21 Jan, 2023

Gravity 重力

Gravity_E-invitation (General)_Rosalyn Ng

Gallery: Soluna Fine Art

Artist(s): Rosalyn Ng, Tobe Kan, Uzine Park, Zang Zong-Son

Opening / Event Date: 25 Nov, 2022

Closing / End Date: 15 Dec, 2022