Blue Lotus Gallery

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Blue Lotus Gallery is an independent gallery established in 2007 by Sarah Greene. The gallery focuses on the medium of photography featuring local and international projects.

One of the themes often explored is Hong Kong’s cultural identity through various artists and projects. Blue Lotus represents some of Hong Kong’s most prominent photographers such as Fan Ho and Greg Girard. The gallery has been instrumental to debuting artist’s careers such as Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze and Tugo Cheng.

The gallery offers a wide selection of vintage & limited edition prints and books.


Blue Lotus Gallery 由Sarah Greene於2007 成立 ,主要以探討香港文化及紙本創作為主題。現時Blue Lotus Gallery代表香港最傑出的攝影師,如國際攝影師何藩 、Michael Kenna及夏永康 ; 新進藝術家如Romain Jacquet- Lagreze丶Tugo Cheng (鄭振揚)、 Marcel Heijnen及KC Kwan等。


Opening Hours

Opening Hours
    Wed - Sun 11am-6pm

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Contact Details


Blue Lotus Gallery
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Blue Lotus Gallery

‘Back to nature’ by Marc Progin

© Marc Progin 'Spring canvas brushed by nature | Tableau printanier brossé par la nature' Mongolia, 2007_Courtesy of Blue Lotus Gallery

Artist(s): Marc Progin

Opening / Event Date: 5 Jun, 2020

Closing / End Date: 5 Jul, 2020

‘Inherit the Dust’ by Nick Brandt


Artist(s): Nick Brandt

Opening / Event Date: 12 Mar, 2020

Closing / End Date: 22 Apr, 2020

‘Water & Earth’ by Tugo Cheng

Tugo Cheng 'Tibet #6', China 2019_ Courtest of Blue Lotus Gallery

Artist(s): Tugo Cheng

Opening / Event Date: 20 Feb, 2020

Closing / End Date: 22 Mar, 2020

‘City Of Darkness’ by Greg Girard & Ian Lambot


Artist(s): Greg Girard & Ian Lambot

Opening / Event Date: 8 Nov, 2019

Closing / End Date: 8 Dec, 2019

‘RECONSTRUCT’ by Alexis Ip & Stefan Irvine

Waterloo Road, Yau Ma Tei (2017)

Artist(s): Alexis Ip & Stefan Irvine

Opening / Event Date: 9 Aug, 2019

Closing / End Date: 15 Sep, 2019

‘City Poetry’ by Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze

City Poetry - Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze '九龍 - The Nine Dragons' Hong Kong 2019, courtesy of Blue Lotus Gallery

Artist(s): Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze

Opening / Event Date: 7 Jun, 2019

Closing / End Date: 14 Jul, 2019

‘Portrait of Hong Kong’ by Fan Ho

Fan Ho 'Whitty Street Diary(屈地街日記)' Hong Kong 1950s and 60s, courtesy of Blue Lotus Gallery

Artist(s): Fan Ho

Opening / Event Date: 22 Mar, 2019

Closing / End Date: 28 Apr, 2019

‘FROM ABBA TO ZAPPA’ by Gijsbert Hanekroot

David Bowie

Artist(s): Gijsbert Hanekroot

Opening / Event Date: 15 Feb, 2019

Closing / End Date: 10 Mar, 2019

‘Hong Kong Garage Dogs’ Book Talk & Signing with Marcel Heijnen

BLG-insta-dog copy

Artist(s): Marcel Heijnen

Opening / Event Date: 15 Dec, 2018

Closing / End Date: 15 Dec, 2018

‘Philosopher’s Tree’ by Michael Kenna

Wanaka Lake Tree, Study 1, Otago, New Zealand. 2013

Artist(s): Michael Kenna

Opening / Event Date: 15 Jun, 2018

Closing / End Date: 1 Jul, 2018

‘Sweet Sorrow’ by Wing Shya

Wing Shya, Feast [Hong Kong,2013]

Artist(s): Wing Shya

Opening / Event Date: 17 Mar, 2018

Closing / End Date: 28 Apr, 2018