Oct 22 2021

Art Handler at Blue Lotus Gallery

We need your strong arms and legs to help us pack and ship our book and print orders, assist with delivering artworks and help with setting up and taking down exhibitions. With the gallery being located on a terrace only accessible by walking a set of stairs, this job is physical!


  • Process online book orders; pack each order, prepare labels and bring to post office or arrange Fedex.
  • Bring parcels to the post office
  • Set up and take down exhibition according to a master plan
  • During fairs manage a crew to set up and take down exhibitions
  • Execute deliveries of artworks to clients
  • Prepare international shipment of artworks
  • Bring goods back and forward to our storage


  • Basic computer skills to manage online shipping order logistic workflow
  • Basic computer skills to manage our inventory system
  • Have a strong sense of order and tidiness
  • Wishing to learn on how to manage professional printers is a bonus.
  • Be physically strong as there is a lot of legwork involved
  • Being careful and gentle with fragile artworks
  • Be handy with handyman skills such as drilling walls and hanging artworks
  • Have strong intercommunication skills to work with our team and communicate with clients during deliveries.

Deadline Application: 15 November 2021

Candidates should send their CV, cover letter to Sarah Greene, sarah@bluelotus-gallery.com

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