Apr 08 2022

Event Project Manager (Art Fair) – Art Central

Contract position: 2–31 May 2022

May 2–13: part-time (3 days per week);

May 16–31: full-time, including special hours for the Event (25–29 May)

Remuneration HK$30,000–35,000

To apply please send CV and cover letter to info@artcentralhongkong.com

This public-facing role requires exceptional communication skills in English and Cantonese. Understanding of contemporary art and the art market is beneficial.

Required skills & responsibilities

  • Communicate with event participants, answer questions in advance of the event
  • Communicate with Management and provide progress updates, weekly and on- demand
  • Communicate with Administrative teams, including Marketing & Operations
  • Organise digital files, build spreadsheets, work with digital image files on Adobe platform
  • Organise contracts, invoices, and other essential documents
  • Be on-site at the event during all opening hours
  • Manage assistant staff at the event
  • Coordinate installation of artworks with art handling team
  • Be available and ready to answer questions from Event visitors
  • Be responsible for the documentation of sales and following protocol for communicating sales transactions with buyers and administrative teams
  • Oversee completion of the project at the Event venue, working with members of the public, event participants and the Operations team
  • Support sales and operate credit card machine
  • Compile sales report and check details with the accounts team

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