Feb 01 2023

Event Project Manager (Art Fair)

This role requires exceptional written and verbal communication skills in English. Chinese language skills are desirable. Candidates with prior work experience in art events will be prioritised.

Contract position: 1 February to 4 April 2023
Full-time, including special hours for the Event (20 to 25 March) Remuneration HK$50,000–75,000 (commensurate with experience)

Required skills & responsibilities:

– Drive special projects related to the event programme, communicating with various external parties to achieve desired outcomes on schedule.

– Communicate with Management and provide progress updates, weekly and on-demand. Communicate with administrative teams, including Marketing & Operations.

– Organise digital files, build spreadsheets, and work with digital files on the Adobe platform. Organise contracts, invoices, budgets, and other essential documents.

– Be on-site at the Event at all times.

– Manage staff at the Event.

– Coordinate various teams to complete on-site installations.

– Be available and ready to answer questions from Event visitors.

– Oversee completion and de-installation at the Event venue.

– Be responsible for the documentation of all expenses, contracts, and receipts.

– Compile post-show reports and organise accounts of contracted parties.

To apply: Cover letter and CV by email to info@artcentralhongkong.com

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