Apr 19 2024

Gallery Internship | Young Soy Gallery

Young Soy Gallery is an art gallery dedicated to the everlasting quest of cultivating and celebrating radical cultural influences.

Under the gallery’s representation lives a diverse cohort of artists forming not only different styles, but also different backgrounds and ideologies. The gallery also follows a code of supreme inclusion, meaning they encourage the masses to participate in the dialogue surrounding the artists, and artwork alike. Through the exhibition of such artists, and inclusion of the masses, the gallery remains steadfast in their delirious hopes of making the world a better, more interesting place to live.

Young Soy is currently looking for a proactive and passionate intern who is ready to shake up the art world…

An internship position with Young Soy entails, but is not limited to:

  • Assist with daily operations at the gallery, including clerical/ administrative duties.
  • Assist with sales
  • Assist in preparing textual and presentation materials for Exhibitions, Art Fairs and Events (Copywriting, Translation and Proofreading tasks may be included)
  • Contribute in planning and organising Exhibitions, Art Fairs and Events
  • Lead docent tours at Exhibitions, and supervision of gallery space.
  • Managing gallery assets and inventory in digital platforms
  • Assistance in facilities management of gallery space
  • Assistance in Artist Liaison


  • Enthusiastic, motivated, and energetic individuals
  • Team players who know how to hustle
  • Art and culture lovers
  • Individuals with a sense of humour
  • Quick thinkers, and fast doers
  • Elastic individuals who are not tied down to structure
  • University students or degree holders of art-related studies (Preferred, but not required)
  • Excellent spoken and written fluency in English (fluency in Cantonese or Mandarin in addition to English is preferred, but not required)
  • Proficiency in Adobe Softwares is an advantage

Your Take Home Value:

  • Gaining insights into the art market, and art world at large
  • Experience in public speaking, sales and other client-facing responsibilities
  • Experience in copywriting, and social media for gallery related content
  • Having FUN
  • Experience with day to day operations of a small, ambitious gallery
  • Team dynamics
  • Problem solving skills

What to do if you’re interested:

  • Please email your CV and Cover Letter to habibi@youngsoy.com by Friday, 26th April.

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