Oct 19 2016

Art Symposium Session 1

Asia Society, 9 Justice Dr., Admiralty

In a 2-day symposium with engaging and dynamic speakers both locally and internationally (supported by the Mandarin Oriental), the following topics shall be explored:  What does Art give us as individuals and as a society that nothing else can?  Why is Art necessary in our lives and in our education?  How can we justify investing so much time and resources to produce and display artistic expressions?  Why do we need Art in our local communities?  Why should the government and the business community care and invest in Art?  The list of speakers includes the who’s who of the art and creative community.  Each session consists of 3 talks & panel discussions.  Free.  Sign up at ticketflap.com.

“Alterity and other things. Thinking about Qualities in Contemporary Art”
David Elliott, Writer, Curator, Museum Director

“Why Art is Important to a Society” (Film)
Sir David Tang, Writer, Art Collector, Entrepreneur


“Engaging Audiences: Museums, Biennials and Triennials”
David Elliott, Writer, Curator, Museum Director
Suhanya Raffel, Executive Director, M+
Yongwoo Lee, Executive Director, Shanghai Himalayas Museum
Moderator: Elaine Ng, Editor and Publisher, Art Asia Pacific Magazine

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