Feb 04 2020

Official statement issued by the Board of Hong Kong Art Gallery Association regarding Art Basel Hong Kong 2020

As The Hong Kong Art Gallery Association (HKAGA) we would like to address the current uncertainty of the upcoming Art Basel Hong Kong fair as well as other concurrent events in March of this year. Let us assure you that the fair representatives have been in constant consultation with many of our gallery members as well as regional art collectors regarding the status of the city as it navigates one of the most tumultuous periods in its history. They have been sensitive and considered in their understanding of Hong Kong and its unique positioning.

The HKAGA board is unanimous in our support of the region, as well as Art Basel’s ultimate decision to proceed with, reschedule, cancel or otherwise make necessary changes to the fair. Along with the galleries, artists, and art spaces across Hong Kong they have supported and diversified the region’s artistic and cultural landscape, helping to mould the city into the international cultural centre it is today.

Throughout the past seven months of political upheaval, our galleries have worked hard to host openings, symposiums, talks and other events for artists, collectors and visitors. Despite constant changes in traffic flow, government mandates and collective fatigue, these programmes have been well received and attended. Culture and the arts hold a special place within the city and we know the arts will continue to thrive here, despite often myopic and narrow coverage or comments from abroad. We, as residents of this city, understand that the decision to continue or cancel the fair is not a decision that can be made lightly or with haste. Provided a healthy and safe environment within the city, the HKAGA will do its utmost to make March’s art week as eventful as possible, even should Art Basel Hong Kong 2020 be cancelled.

The Hong Kong Art Gallery Association Board of Directors

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