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MINE PROJECT is a Hong Kong-based contemporary art gallery established in 2019. We represent and work closely with a select group of artists exploring innovative processes that reflect the current social sphere, experimenting with and redefining the aesthetic narratives generated by their younger generation. Since the gallery’s inception, we have been proud to celebrate many artists’ first opportunities to exhibit in Hong Kong or Asia at large.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours
    Tuesday – Saturday, 11am to 6pm

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Mine Project
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Mine Project

The Love That Moves the Sun and All the Stars

Gong Bin Poster_A4_Ani

Artist(s): Gong Bin

Opening / Event Date: 24 Sep, 2022

Closing / End Date: 29 Oct, 2022

Interrupted Dream – Xiong Jiaxiang

really a final one

Artist(s): Xiong Jiaxiang

Opening / Event Date: 9 Jul, 2022

Closing / End Date: 20 Aug, 2022

Art Basel Hong Kong 2022 – Booth 1C27

Art Basel HK Poster-01

Artist(s): Tap Chan

Opening / Event Date: 25 May, 2022

Closing / End Date: 29 May, 2022

Drawing No Conclusions – Alex Gardner

Drawing No Conclusions_Alex Gardner_Poster_MINE PROJECT

Artist(s): Alex Gardner

Opening / Event Date: 21 May, 2022

Closing / End Date: 2 Jul, 2022